THE SUMMIT – One Year Coaching Program
If you’ve got goals the size of Mt. Everest and you’re ready to start climbing, this is the program for you! This is a nuts and bolts, pragmatic, real-world intensive where you get to take your dreams, desires, passions, and plans to the next level... turning them into REALITY!  
Maybe you’re feeling the internal call to make a massive transformation in your personal life, career, relationships, and/or physical health. You want to “reinvent” yourself but you’re lacking clarity and confidence and there are far too many obstacles getting in the way of your dreams. If this sounds like your struggle, then this 12-month partnership and ultimate coaching program is designed for you. This is the program that will help you start a revolution in your life and take you from a sluggish caterpillar and turn you into the beautiful butterfly you’ve always wanted to be. Make no mistake, after our year together, you will emerge a stronger, more confident, more successful person—and well on your way to having/doing/being exactly what you’ve set out to achieve.
Your coaching package includes:
52 one-hour coaching sessions (1 session per week x 52 weeks).
Plus: access to ping me/ring me/text me/email me during weekly business hours.
Your Investment: $10,000

THE QUEST – Six Month Coaching Program
This is my signature coaching package. The Quest is the program I recommend for most clients who seek-out life coaching. Six months allows enough time for you to work on getting crystal clear about what you really, really, want. Once you have the clarity of vision, then we identify the barriers (real or perceived) that are getting in the way of your success; learn the tools to overcome these barriers; then create a strategic action plan that is easily doable and highly achievable to ensure you reach your goals.
Your coaching package includes:
24 one-hour phone coaching sessions (4 sessions per month x 6 months).
Plus: access to ping me/ring me/text me/email me during weekly business hours.
Your Investment: $6,000

THE SHIFT—Three Month Coaching Program
This program is designed for clients who have a specific issue to target or one area of dissatisfaction that requires focus and attention. This is a great option if you’re struggling with something that feels big and may take a little time to process and deal with. You will come away from this coaching program with the right tools in your toolbox to deal with your particular challenge, as well as apply your new life skills to any future challenges that come your way.
Your coaching package includes:
12 one-hour phone coaching sessions (4 sessions per month x 3 months)
Plus: Unlimited email access during weekly business hours, with guaranteed response within 24 hrs.
Your Investment: $1,500

BREAKTHROUGH SESSION—One-Hour Coaching Session
This is a newly-added and affordable option for those who want to experience the instant benefits of a laser-focused coaching session. Choose this option if you need a quick fix or have a nagging issue that requires the insight of a trained, professional life coach.
Your Investment: $99

Gina Montori is known in the coastal Carolina region as The Low Country Life Coach


Gina Montori