Gina Montori


Life Coach + Speaker + Blogger

Dream, Dream, Dream

"I can't follow my dreams because______."

You have big dreams, small dreams, day dreams, night dreams, visions, goals, and a litany of creative ideas. BUT... you have no strategy , no idea how to get started or how to make it work. You have trouble putting your dreams and ideas into motion and always find a way to sabotage your success. I can help you strategize, prioritize, break down the barriers, and ultimately achieve anything your heart desires. You really can start moving toward your dreams. No more excuses, the time is NOW!



Chaos and Meltdown

"Everything was going great in my life until_____!"  Whatever the cataclysm, it has knocked you to your knees and you can't seem to shake it off. You feel stuck, out of control, and not sure how the hell you wound up here. This is a scary dark place but also the perfect opportunity for transformation and growth--if only you had the right tools to get you through this difficult and very painful time. I'm here to help. Really. I'm right here. With a flashlight, to guide you out of the darkness.

Serenity NOW!!!

"I just need to slow down, enjoy life, and have more fun!"

But every time you try to de-stress or make a positive change, it either doesn't last, or you are overcome with feelings of guilt for putting your needs above others, or you can't focus because of all the things you SHOULD be doing instead.  Peace, serenity, and play are necessities in a happy, balanced life. Slowing down might actually SAVE your life (yep, been there!). All you need are a few tried and true techniques to help you get there. Let's get started! 

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Gina Montori is known in the coastal Carolina region as The Low Country Life Coach

Fight, Flight, or Freeze

"I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it if ______."

Fear can make us angry, isolated, and paralyzed. Fear can paralyze us for years, decades, and sometimes an entire lifetime. Fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, fear of being hurt (or hurting others), fear of what everyone will think of me, fear of not being able to handle whatever comes along.  I'll not only show you how to conquer the fears that are holding you back, but I'll be there with you every step of the way. You don't have to do it alone!

Hey there! I know a few things about feeling stuck, disappointed, and just plain unsatisfied with your life and the direction you're headed.  As a professional Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Blogger, I help smart+motivated individuals, just like YOU, bust free from the shackles of fear and self-doubt that are keeping you from having, doing, and being everything you've always wanted! 

I'll show you how to create more peace, more joy, more fun, and more success in your life/career/relationships.  It really is possible to achieve your goals and create exactly what you are craving. All you need are the right tools for the job...and I'm here to share my toolbox with you!

Let's get started...

"Gina is just a beautiful person, inside and out. I am honored to know her and can now honestly call her a friend. She is so naturally easy to talk to and be with. She LISTENS! I know it sounds crazy, but very few people genuinely listen anymore. I always feel heard when I'm talking to her.  I love her perspective on life and her 'joie de vivre'. Gina was able to center me, at a time in my life when I needed centering very, very much."   ~ J.P.

" I feel like Gina is an Angel sent to me from my Spirit Guides or something. She gives me the best advice, and yet, she really doesn't give any advice at all.  I can't explain it,  I guess she just has an amazing way of asking me the right questions and allowing me the opportunity to discover the best answers for myself. I'm starting to see my life and the choices I make in a very different way now. An easier, clearer way. It's kind of life changing! ~K.N.

"Gina inspires me. Period."  ~L.B.

" I contacted Gina for coaching because I felt so stuck with my life! My calendar was full of wonderful activities, civic clubs, social events and friends, but I felt so tired and drained and rarely ever excited about my involvement in anything I was doing. I could not understand where the joy went and why I was no longer excited about my many activities and commitments. Gina helped me to figure out what was most fulfilling to me, the things that were really important to me, what excites me, what fills me with energy rather than drains my energy. I always looked so forward to our coaching sessions because I always came away with a new-found excitement for my future. She sees right through to what matters most and can easily identify what is getting in your way of progress. I now totally believe in the benefits of having a coach! Because of Gina, I am now feeling the joy return to my life. Don't put off your happiness any Gina today!!"  ~ C.L.

"Gina has a no-bullshit approach that is so refreshing. She can smell a limiting belief from a mile away and has helped me to notice how often I choose to narrate my stories from the perspective of being the victim (which is ALL THE TIME). I'm learning how to be the hero of my own life story. The strong and resilient survivor instead of the victim.  It's a process, but I'm getting there, thanks to her.  I only wish I could have met Gina when I was fourteen! But as Gina would say, 'It's never too late to improve your quality of life'."    ~ T.C.